Metering And Allocation Systems




For a decade Ocean Technical Systems have provided specialise software services for the oil & gas industry. ARCO British Ltd., Ranger Oil Ltd. and Talisman (UK) Ltd. use 's production and sales allocation system, PSACS, which runs in a Windows 95 or NT environment.


Sales & Production Allocation


Where oil & gas is sold by multiple owners to multiple buyers, agreements are made to define the allocation of sales and production is allocated to a field, well and petroleum reporting at petroleum revenue tax (PRT) level. The situation is complicated still further by commingling the production in shared pipelines, tanker FPSO and separators. Our PSACS software allows the field operator to allocate sales to owners/partners and production to wells. More


Metering Database


Interface with or replace metering databases which use expensive proprietary hardware and software and are not year 2000 compliant. The PC screen and keyboard are used to monitor and control the database, and the facilities are also available remotely using an Ethernet network or dial-up connection. The database can interface with various types of flow computer and chromatograph. More




Nomination is the process of accepting orders for gas where more than one buyer or partner have claim to a shared resource of gas. An agreement between the partners determines how the gas can be nominated. More


Network Interface Database


Interface with Oracle databases to provide a common interface with DCS and MIS.


DTI PPRS Reports


Automatic production of the DTI Petroleum Production PPRS Data Report for most field reporting units and well configurations and also Floating Production, Storage & Offtake Vessels (FPSO).More


Archiving & Trending


The automatic archiving of production records and the presentation of recent and historic data. Also the presentation of this data in a graphic format and Microsoft Excel files. More




The communication data passes between these computers and to various third party computer systems, process control system, metering equipment, metering database, network printer, modem, Fax and Email. The link between platform and shore is over the corporate WAN and LAN, which includes a satellite link for Tyne & Trent and a microwave link for Thames. The communication programs run under Windows NT and are written in C or Visual Basic. The client / server design used throughout the software, as well as the use of OLE and Remote Automation make communication and distribution of tasks over the network simple. More

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